A writer-poet's love for the English word

A suggestion from a regular reader of my blogs is why don't I provide the link to Journalism Online. So, here it is:


Watson Solomon and I of course worked together, albeit briefly, when we conducted a journalism course for students at one of SRM University's facilities. Although our meetings were brief I realised his love for the written word, the spoken word, poetry... and, of course, books. I remember one morning at the SRM University campus Watson painstakingly giving me a list of books to be ordered as reference material for students.

Watson somehow reminds me of the typical Bengali intellectual - clad more often than not in kurta pyjama, perhaps a cloth bag slung over the shoulder. You bump into so many of them in good old Calcutta where I grew up.

Watson also reminds me of the much respected Professor P. Lal, founder-publisher of the Writers Workshop in Calcutta. He was the English professor at St Xavier's College where I studied. Students used to look up to him in awe. Yes, those were the days...

Watson, I understand, is the co-author of a book called Plain Language in Plain English edited by Cheryl Stephens.

Journalism Online, incidentally, has completed 10 years and that is saying something!


Susan Deborah said…
I can go on and on about Watson sir. He is quirky in his own way. One thing I admire about him is that he always gives you his undivided attention when you talk to him. It almost seems that in the whole world it is only you and him. And another thing is that he is ready to say: "I don't know." Not many can accept the fact that they don't know something. He is as curious as a child and is eager to share what he had read or written.

Nice glowing words for Watson sir.

Elementary dear Watson!!

Joy always,

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