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A passing phase, or are ominous dark clouds gathering overhead?

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta is a name that is well known in media circles. His is a familiar byline in print; his is a familiar face on television. He is a journalist and editor of stature and repute. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he studied in La Martiniere, Calcutta, the city where I grew up. Paranjoy would probably have become an economist or an Economics professor if he hadn’t decided to become a journalist – he graduated in Economics from St Stephen’s, Delhi, and went on to earn a master’s at the Delhi School of Economics. But Journalism gained (it got a top-draw investigative reporter) and, am sure, Paranjoy did as well (nothing can compensate for the satisfaction derived as a journalist in exposing wrong-doings/ corruption).
It is said that it was the Emergency of 1975-77 that motivated Paranjoy to become a journalist. And, no doubt, it must have been the Emergency and all the things that were wrong during the period that goaded him to become not just an ordinary reporter,…

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