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What’s wrong in a man and woman talking to each other in a park?

I usually go for a brisk walk in the evenings. It’s been a sort of habit the past two years ever since I was diagnosed with high BP and then, later, with pretty bad cholesterol. Prior to the diagnosis, it would be a leisurely stroll on the terrace on days I felt like. When I mentioned this to the cardiologist (a bright, young, handsome doctor), he said that kind of walking was for retired people to do. It must be a brisk 45-minute walk, he stressed, and told me to put my dreams of going to the gym on hold till I manage to bring good discipline for ‘learning to walk’. I must have looked pretty foolish.
So, I choose the park near home or a broad pavement that runs for a kilometre and more not too far away. I prefer the park because there aren’t blaring horns that drive my BP up a few notches. The problem is, it isn’t too large a park and a brisk walk of 30-45 minutes means you have to go several rounds, and you have to side-step and manoeuvre yourself deftly while you pass others in fron…

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