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PR takes you only up to a point; it is honesty and transparency that count

We have set the world record for the highest number of COVID cases a day, and also the record for the highest number of COVID-related deaths a day. Sto­ries and pictures of what India has been going through the past few months are difficult to digest – long lines of ambulances outside hos­pitals carrying COVID patients struggling to breathe; lack of medi­cines, hospital beds and oxygen; patients administered oxygen in cars and ambulances outside hos­pitals; uncontrollable grief and sorrow and a pervading sense of helplessness and hopelessness; the desperate struggle to survive; scared, unemployed and hungry migrant workers in the cities forced to get back to their homes in the smaller towns and villages… I can go on and on but this has been the broad picture across India in April and May.   Not to forget, the horri­fying images of floating bodies in the Ganges and half-buried corpses in the region as deaths from the country’s coronavirus surge broke records. The general perception

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