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Journalism is a service and journalists must be allowed to function freely

Journalism is a service to society and the nation. Anyone wanting to make money should not be inthe profession. Only those who have the flair, the passion and the right attributes should enter, for only such people can take on the challenges and survive in the long run. This is what I told journalists via Skype at the Meet the Press programme organised by the Guwahati Press Club, with National Press Day lending a special significance.
Nava Thakuria, secretary of Guwahati Press Club, had a series of questions to ask me. One of which was whether the Press Council of India should also oversee the functioning of the broadcast and online media. While stressing the watchdog role of Press Council of India to ensure ethics and quality in news presentation, I agreed that there could be a sort of overarching body that oversaw the functioning of various media platforms, including print.
The usual question was also asked – will print die?I said India still remained a country of newspapers and eve…

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