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‘Struggles define the values you live by and, ultimately, who you are’

The dastardly killing in Srinagar of Shujaat Bukhari, veteran journalist and editor of the Rising Kashmirnewspaper has stunned the media fraternity. Bukhari was The Hindu’s correspondent in Srinagar from 1997 to 2012. From the reports that have appeared and the articles written by those who knew him well, it is clear that Bukhari’s was a voice of moderation and sanity in a world that for years hasn’t seen peace. Why are journalists who are bravely doing their job being targeted in this fashion? Numbed as we are by the shock of such deaths, we seem to find no answer or solution that will help us overcome such dangerous odds. And such danger is badly affecting journalists in many parts of the world. There is a sense of fear and a pall of gloom. However, many are battling it out, continuing to report without fear or favour.
Maria Ressa is one such journalist. The co-founder, CEO and executive editor of the online news site, Rappler, was recently awarded the Golden Pen of Freedom, WAN-IFR…

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