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Making use of modern technologies wisely is the way forward

How is the media of today is functioning, how has it adapted and changed with the times, and how is it gearing up for the future?
BBC News has been scoring with stories that use a mix of data visualisation and simple, stark facts. Its project titled Life and Death in Syria was able to convey to the outside world the dark world in Syria as the war raged. BBC News adopted a different way of presenting information interestingly, rather than just use graphs and charts and illustrations. It established a Syria violation documentation centre, comprising a network of activists inside the country, who worked to record the victims and the cause of their deaths. In the programme, the stages of fighting were set out in terms of civilian deaths, and how the price of food and the functioning of hospitals had changed during the period. Another technique was to use satellite imagery imaginatively, to show how the Syrian cities had changed visually over the years.
The Daily Star of Bangladesh has c…

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