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Even when the going gets tough, keep pegging away

Yet another journalist has been killed in Tripura, the second in two months. Sudip Datta Bhaumik was allegedly shot by a jawan of the 2nd Tripura State Rifles about 20 km from Agartala. He was a senior journalist with Syandan Patrika, a leading Bengali newspaper of the city. 
On September 20, Shantanu Bhaumik, a reporter of Din-Raat, a local TV cable news channel, was killed while he had gone to cover an incident at Mandai, about 40 km from Agartala. And how many of us remember September 5, when Gauri Lankesh was shot dead in Bengaluru?
The brutal killing of journalist and activist Gauri was one of the most horrendous we have heard or seen – of a journalist in India. A hapless victim of hatred, she was about to enter her house after parking her car when three bullets hit her, two on the chest and one on the temple. Gauri Lankesh’s fight was against injustice, she led a crusade against crime. In many ways, it was a moral crusade continuing the legacy of her father who left behind Lankesh…

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