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Why do farmers in India get so little attention and sympathy?

Most of the space in newspapers, on television and on news publishing websites is occupied by politics and all the mudslinging and ugliness associated with it. Then there is space for crime and film and sport. So, why doesn’t anybody talk about Rural India and the lives of farmers? Farmers usually make the headlines only when they commit suicide. It’s almost as if their lives don’t matter. Agriculture in India is generally looked at as ‘farmers feeding the people’. Ironically, nobody seems to care much about their welfare. Why such widespread apathy?
Education and health pertaining to farming communities, critical for the well-being of farming households, are not spoken or written about enough. Farmers find it difficult to educate their children and access primary health care. I was recently talking to Madhura Swaminathan, chairperson of the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, about her book, How do Small Farmers Fare? Evidence from Village Studies, which is based on a study, and I as…

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