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A many-splendoured man who let his work do the talking

Sixty-eight years as a journalist, 58 years as a columnist, 48 years of writing on Madras, 38 years as an author and 28 years as editor of Madras Musings. That surely makes for an extraordinary distinction. An inspiration to many, S. Muthiah commanded awe and respect not only because of the sheer range of his work, but also because of the high standards he set. 
If I had not joined the Journalism course at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on a whim, I would possibly have never met S. Muthiah. I was in the batch of 1992-93, the oldest by some measure, but I quickly got hooked on to the evening classes, not missing a single class through the year.
Muthiah taught us Reporting – we held him in awe. Before the end of the course, he asked me whether I was serious about my insurance officer’s job – the south-based conglomerate where he worked was looking for a public relations manager. It was the time I was determined to leave the public sector. I was eight years old with the insurance company and …

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