Where homegrown and international brands coexist

Somebody said the other day that from early morning to late night, we have a close association with some well-known brand or the other. So, if it's Colgate in the morning, it could be Tupperware in the afternoon followed by Cafe Coffee Day, and, well, Durex (if you will) at night...

At Express Avenue, I saw several signboards of brands I'd not heard of before; some I understand are big brands abroad. Here, brands are boxed together product-wise, judging by what I saw. So, the brand names automatically mark out the different sections - for watches, for shoes, for electronic items... An eclectic mix, of homegrown Chennai brands, Indian brands as well as the overseas biggies. They are all there...

I didn't find one brand / outlet though... perhaps it may soon open... Nevertheless, its absence surprised me.


Susan Deborah said…
We Indians are quite accommodating and the result is co-existence in all spheres!

This started with our history books where examples of co-existence are strewn all over :)

Gradually even Indian families are resembling a mix of the desi and seemai (read inter-cultural marriages)!

Joy always,

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