Madras Week: Chennai's astonishing graffiti

Samples of some wonderful work on the walls we pass by often in Chennai.

The first picture symbolises living in harmony. Ranjan De shot this in Chintadripet.

This picture of Christ, Ranjan saw in Choolaimedu. As much as he tried, the twig on the branch refused to leave the frame and sat firmly as if to appear like a teardrop below the left eye of Christ.

Ranjan captured this picture of Buddha somewhere in Nungambakkam. As much as Buddha's advice is to give and not keep anything for yourself, the recesses in the wall are empty - mere coincidence, you'd say?

Look at Dr Ambedkar's face almost imprinted on a wall in the Egmore area... such fine craftsmanship.


Susan Deborah said…
I have seen all these wonderful work on the walls and have many a times stopped by to look at them closely. It would be great if all our stories contained pictures of our city's stories :)

Joy always,

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