Unadulterated joy at Fun City

An area in Express Avenue that particularly appealed to me was the one in and around Fun City. On Sunday, children of all ages were totally absorbed in the various video games even as their excitement rubbed off on to parents and grandparents.

Around Fun City are a range of eateries. You are spoiled for choice here and there are cozy nooks to huddle and talk while munching on food if you want to. Seated, you can sip and munch and chat and watch the world go by. Typical of the UK and US street corners. Only here, you are up on the fourth or fifth floor.

The entrance to Fun City is as inviting as it can be; the boy was so immersed in steering his way through the game that he did not notice me taking his picture (his grandfather was equally engrossed); a view of the various consoles at the play station; the open area that has games of a different kind and leads on to another wing of the play station; and brother and sister squeal in delight as the 'rocket' takes off.


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