Madras Week: An example of quiet corporate support

Revathi, who owns, edits and publishes, coordinates a few events such as the Mylapore Festival and the summer journalism workshop conducted by the Mylapore Times, and writes for The Hindu Friday Review has during all these years been one of the backbones of Madras Week, arranging venues, organising things and handling the Madras Day Web site. Too much work, you’d say, but the former banker does it all with a smile on her face.

Here, Revathi lays the ground rules before the start of the competition, as students and teachers are all ears.

In the background you can see the L&T banner showing images of Larsen and Toubro, the two gentlemen who started it all years ago. L&T has also been supporting Madras Week activities every year, thanks especially to the enthusiasm and drive shown by its PR and corporate communications chief, V.S. Ramana, who is based in the Manapakkam office of L&T-ECC.

This is an example of a company supporting a good cause. We need more such commitment from corporates in the city. Quiet support, with no commercial aspect in mind.


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