Maddening traffic: Lingering images of a vacation

It was yet another break in Bangalore. But this time, it didn’t turn out to be quite a vacation as I had hoped it would be. For one, my usual host was out of town for the most part and, for another, Bangalore city traffic showed its ugliest face to me, yet.

I had also looked forward to milder temperatures and had even taken a sweater along, but I found myself sweating after a brisk walk and wondered what had happened to the Bangalore of old…

Once back in the Cantonment area, I felt more at home. But this time again, the migratory birds were missing atop the tall trees in the ITC compound that fronts the residence that has been almost like home the past several years.

So, instead of pictures of birds and trees, I shot some of the chaotic traffic, images of which still linger in my mind. Bangalore residents seem to have developed patience though, not many honked despite the long wait at signals. Driving, however, was reckless as I found to my horror on many occasions.

The pictures, from inside an autorickshaw and an SUV, were taken near MG Road, which has, sadly, been reduced to a shadow of its former self. So much for flyovers.


Susan Deborah said…
Ah! The eternal romantic seems to have become a bit less of a romantic after this visit.

Smiles :)

Joy always,

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