Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar: Shoddy work by TNEB

To add to those ugly scars in KK Nagar, look at the reality on the ground... shocking to say the least.

This is an electricity switch box inside a colony, installed years ago. You wonder how such a thing was allowed in the first place. That aside, residents say the electricity cable here catches fire when there is rain and eventually there is an explosion. This has been the pattern over the past few years.

About ten days ago, the same thing happened. Residents say they could see the sparks, the water bubbling and, indeed, they were awaiting the explosion when a couple of them decided to rush to the TNEB office to get somebody to switch off the transformer mains. This they somehow managed.

Once that was done, the TNEB staff got down to 'rectifying' the problem, but they did not bring the cables required. And so, a 'temporary' solution was found. The pictures show what that solution turned out to be.

Not only is it an ugly sight, the exposed cables pose danger to one and all. There are children who play in the colony and today I saw a grandfather trying to fish out a ball that had fallen into the ditch.

So, doesn't the TNEB have a job to complete? And how on earth could they have left the cables exposed like this and not returned to complete the work even after ten days! This despite a TNEB staff being a resident of the colony.


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