Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar: Look at what Alagiriswamy Salai has been reduced to

This is the entry point to Alagiriswamy Salai, where Padma Seshadri School is situated. More than 5,000 students study in the school. The road opens out to Anna Main Road where you can see the autos parked on one stretch.

Today, no man, woman, child or vehicle can enter this stretch - the picture tells the story. Only thing is nobody quite knows what the digging is all about. Sewage? Storm-water drains? You can keep guessing.

Whatever it be, does it take more a month (or is it two?) to get rid of this ugly sight and restore some semblance of normality here?

Elders who live in the colonies adjacent are not only horrified, they are helpless. They don't have the courage to venture out on work or even go for a walk. One wrong step and you do not know where you will land. I wonder whether even a teenager would muster courage to try and find some way over this heap.

Like they say even thieves have a humane or soft corner, one would expect some decency in construction. But look at the way material is left on the ground - look at the rusty iron bars almost waiting to be trod over...

Look at the fourth picture here that shows you the way to the school. The firm that runs a cab service in one of the lanes is having a field day, literally.

A little ahead is another dug-up area (last picture) that hogs quite a bit of road space. On weekdays with hundreds of school kids, parents and drivers moving around you can imagine the condition here.

Certainly, this place from a distance looks like one that has been bombed. And the hunch is that it is likely to remain so for a long while.


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