Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar: Pictures that tell a tale of utter neglect

Well, KK Nagar in Chennai is Kalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar, named after the present chief minister of Tamil Nadu. But have a look at some these pictures and then you begin to wonder why on earth this place has been relegated to the periphery of development all these years.

I have done this before - clicking pictures that offend the eye for too long, and have sent them to newspaper offices. Some papers have indeed written about such civic woes. But finally, little changes on the ground. That's how our democracy functions.

Pictures of course speak louder than words. So, take a close look.

These pictures relate to one end of PT Rajan Salai, where it hits Anna Main Road or Ashok Pillar Road. On the right is the new Saravana Bhavan sweets outlet (trust them to launch this during Diwali!) and an Aavin booth. A little behind from where these pictures were taken is the HDFC Bank.

As you can see, the dug-up portion has taken up more than half of the road.

Imagine the plight of motorists and walkers here during heavy rain or when there are floods. To a person not used to these parts, during floods, it is a death trap.

So, will the government administration do something about this, and do it quickly? Your guess is as good as mine. I have sent the pictures to the top newspapers in Chennai and to a leading TV channel.

More pictures follow...


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