A special feeling in God's Own Country

I always feel good whenever I visit Kerala. This time, the feeling was special. For one, I was taking my mother there after years. And for another, it was a visit to my home town, Kollengode, where a visit to our family deity (from my mother’s side) was scheduled.

It eventually became the talking point for my mom, thrilled as she was in being able to make it through the narrowest of village roads on which a car could be driven, to be able to walk a small stretch to reach the small temple. It turned out that there was a festival at the temple the day we reached and, needless to add, it added a very special flavour to mom’s happiness. Sadly, I did not click any picture, at least from the outside; it was just that it didn’t strike me then at all that a few pictures could be taken because I did have my camera. Perhaps the happiness of just being able to bring my there shut off everything else from my mind.

Talk about God’s Own Country? Look at three pictures here: the first shows a view from the front balcony of the house in Palakkad where we stayed, the greenery and the palm trees. The man in the second picture is busy pruning branches of a tree in the backyard. And, in the third, isn’t that a lovely sight of the lane winding up to the main road? That is how it looks from the front gate. It’s always nice and quiet and there’s hardly a soul that moves about even during daytime.


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