'All is Well', but you must learn to 'live' life

One of the phrases that movie goers in India will keep repeating for a long time to come is ‘All is well’. Those who have seen 3 Idiots will know what it means. Whenever you feel something is amiss or if you are tensed up about something, you put your hand over your heart and say ‘All is well’. The heart or mind listens to those comforting words and gradually the tension eases. So, everything is in the mind really. If you can control your mind, you can control life and be happy as well.

The messages 3 Idiots wishes to convey, as I mentioned earlier, are not new or something fantastic. Recently, I was listening to a motivational speaker called Avis, who runs a reputation management firm call Image Equity. Some of the things Avis said echoed exactly what Aamir and the others in 3 Idiots had to convey.

Work – career – family – health – self. That is usually the order of priority for a human being. Reverse that order and bring ‘self’ first and relegate ‘work’ to the end, is what Avis stressed at a meeting of the Public Relations Society if India, Chennai Chapter. “Flip your priorities. Start looking at life first. Success is getting what you want. When you start looking at your life first, you will become more productive, successful and prosperous. To deserve, you must also serve, and then life takes on a whole new meaning,” he said, pointing out the difference between ‘living’ and ‘earning a living’.

For all that, Avis did not make it to B-School. He barely scraped through college – to save his parents embarrassment, according to him. Recalling how he had ambitions of becoming the most visible entrepreneur and the richest, and about a “nice business plan” he had prepared, Avis said that his business was not moving the way he had wanted it to; he was obviously a man in a hurry.

It was in March 2004 that Avis got introduced to his “teacher” – not a person, but the grim reality of life. “I had a tobacco habit, was a daily drinker. That day was my daughter’s birthday and I was in front of the doctor (for diabetes). I threw away the packet of gutka concealed in the car (after a grim prognosis) in the garbage bin. That night I woke up in my air-conditioned room to a meeting with my teacher (life).”

Life’s reality started staring at Avis more and more. “What is it that keeps a poor woman on the other side of the car with no money to buy milk for her baby? It is a choice-less entry we make, and a choice-less exit. We didn’t choose our parents. We all come with our expiry date. The only thing is we don’t have a bar-code reader, and the only choice is to live intelligently and walk the tightrope. We live as if there were no tomorrow. We live in an instant gratification world,” he said.

Avis understood that human life was usually dominated by fear, anxiety, desire for financial success and material possession. He realized that a lot of people had the opportunity to correct this. And one of the things he recommends is to maintain silence at least for an hour a day.


Rajat said…
A beautifully written blog with a brilliant example. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational thought.
"Achievers really never give up"

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