In Kollengode, where I belong

This is Kollengode – the village of my ancestors from my mother’s side. Some day, I plan to learn more about its history. The Kollengode Palace has now been converted into a hotel, I understand. Didn’t find the time to get inside and see how heritage has been preserved and put to good use. But some day I will.

I clicked some special pictures, though. The first here shows a typical house in Kollengode. Obviously, It has been done up reasonable well and is well maintained. It was in the afternoon that I took this picture, quiet all around. I wonder how much quieter the nights would be!

The second is another well maintained residence belonging to my aunt’s family. The sloping roofs, the tiles, the front portico, you can tell from far that this is a typical Kerala home. It was my aunt and uncle’s turn to get nostalgic here – apparently, they had met here first before marriage. Hmmm.

The third, fourth and fifth are very special pictures. The cream-coloured building is the one where my mom and her sisters and brothers played together as children. The other house, Krishna Villa, is where her cousins stayed and she did meet a couple of them later, and reminisce they did about the games they played in both houses as children, sometimes looking and chatting through the windows.


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