Of Kollengode fields and marriages

Pictures I clicked from inside the car as we were being driven around in Kollengode. Look at the verdant paddy fields – a sight to behold. You have to be there to actually take in the such sights. No wonder it is God’s Own Country. I have seen similar beauty in Kunisseri as well. Places you feel like going back to again and again. And what are we doing, living in cities, you sometimes wonder. Frankly, I am looking at early retirement and living in such places.

See the greenery in the background as a groom is being welcomed to the marriage hall by a party comprising women and children in their best attire. This is also Kollengode.


Susan Deborah said…

Sometimes places as these enrich and enliven the mind but when you actually go and start living there, it becomes very monotonous. Maybe you will not agree with me.

The pictures were lovely indeed!

Joy always,

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