Global warming bill up for debate in the U.S.

According to Associated Press writers Mary Clare Jalonick and Dina Cappiello (in article in The Boston Globe), the biggest environmental bill in decades is all set for being debated upon. The bill obviously seeks to preserve Mother Earth for future generations. Once voted and passed, it will set “nationwide limits on the gases blamed for global warming emitted from power plants, factories and automobiles.” Driving passage of the bill is President Obama himself who the writers quote as saying that the bill will “finally spark a clean energy transformation” and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

The United States is keen to get its house in order before the meeting in Copenhagen in December that is likely to see a new international agreement to curb the emissions linked to global warming. However, the Republicans are not for passage of the bill, it seems, with Minority Leader John Boehner writing to fellow republicans and stating that it will have a “disastrous impact”. It will be interesting to see the passage of the bill and what it portends not only for the U.S.A. but also for the rest of the world.


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