A garage sale for the cause of strays

Rajashree Khalap from Mumbai has sent me a mail that explains the work of the Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD), an animal welfare NGO that sterilises and immunises stray dogs. There are adoption programmes for abandoned pets and pariahs, an on-site first–aid programme and an education and awareness programme in schools, colleges, streets and slums. WSD has so far sterilised more than 35,500 stray dogs and impacted the lives of thousands more through first-aid, immunisation and adoption. The NGO spends Rs 3,00,000 a month on these activities and depends on the largesse of donors to fund them.

One of the methods of raising funds to sustain costs is the regular garage/jumble sale. WSD is organising one during June 4-7, Thursday-Sunday, at Surya Darshan Bldg, 44/50,Walkeshwar Road, Near Sital Baug Bus stop, Mumbai 400 006. On Sale would be LPs, CDs, DVDs, VCDs, artefacts, glassware, crockery, gift items, linen, clothes and electronic items at throwaway prices. For more information you can call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail wsdindia@gmail.com.

The WSD Adoption Blog: http://wsdadoptions.blogspot.com/

E mail : wsdindia@gmail.com


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