As heat drains, beach is best bet

So far in June, India has received hardly 50 per cent of the normal southwest rainfall. Experts say that this is an El Nino year, which means rainfall will be scanty. Quite scary when you come to think of it. In Chennai, there has been absolutely no respite from the heat. Temperatures still hover around the 40 degree Celsius mark. It’s turning out to be very difficult for children and the elderly.

I visited the beach last Sunday. It was packed, almost as if the whole city was outdoors. Clearly, few wished to remain at home. There was a wind, but not quite enough. It was brisk business for the many small vendors on the beach. Roasted corn, bajjis, fried fish, ice creams, there was the whole lot.

Have a look at the pictures: a view as I was walking toward the sea; families sit on the shore and watch the waves; a vendor roasts corn as a light wind blows the sparks from the stove; and one of several ‘shooting’ stalls to cater to children.


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