Midnight dosas

Before Krishna Inn, the Elite Hotel was for years the place to be seen in, in Guruvayur. Perhaps it still is, I’m not quite sure. We landed up there for dinner and the food was all right, although there was little choice on offer. Past 10 pm, it is difficult in these parts to gauge how popular a restaurant is because that is the time most restaurants close shop for the day. In the first picture, the man behind the cash counter chats with a waiter as they wait for us to finish our meal.

Outside, hot piping dosas were being made on a steaming tawa. Awesome aroma and all that… but we had already eaten. Clearly there would be customers late into the night and this make-shift eatery on the road between Krishna Inn and Elite is an example of how successful you can get if you are enterprising enough.

The kind of dosas this man makes is not available down this stretch of road. He knows that they are special and that people will come by. He was not quite willing to pose for a picture though…


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