Bride comes calling

Now, on to the wedding. We’ve all heard of arranged marriages, and the role played by jadagams or horoscopes, and astrologers in making a marriage possible. Across India, this still holds true, though it must be said that youngsters have begun to choose their own partners. In the age of the Internet, Indian parents have shown that they have it in them to move with the times. So, this is the age of arranging marriages based on the curriculum vitae furnished on various matrimonial Web sites by the parents of prospective brides and grooms, or by the youngsters themselves.

Many, many marriages are taking place this way. But perhaps most among families who have their children of marriageable age working outside India. Some call them NRI or non-resident Indian marriages. So, if you are an Indian working in Dallas, you can tie the wedding knot with another Indian working in Houston – someone you never knew existed until you or your parents found his or her name and particulars on a matrimonial Web site. Hmmm…

The wedding we attended was the typical New Generation (is it Generation Y?) wedding – bride and groom work abroad, parents work or are retired in India.

A few hours before the wedding, the would-bride flaunts a new sari. She looks resplendent and no wonder photographers (of the home-made variety) are busy clicking away close to midnight!


Hey! I took that picture! :D Nice post. Going to read the rest.

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