Outside Chennai airport: Chaos, but you could just laugh

With construction apace at the Chennai airport, parking can be nightmare at times. There are no clear indications for one, and when you finally heave a sigh of relief assuming you have found place very near the terminal, a woman in uniform with a hand-held machine saunters across and says the fee is Rs 100 and that you can go all around and come back to a slot just adjacent and pay Rs 60.

You wonder what's the big difference in the quality of parking space between the two. Indeed, the Rs 60 slot looks better. But than you are too tired to even ask and get into the finer details. Who cares! And so you reverse and go all around, hoping you'd find space.

There are a couple of signboards like this one, planted in the midst of all the chaos. You can almost sense the Brits and Americans chuckling at the spelling. And look at the bike parked right at the entrance to the enclosure.


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