Breaking convention at Tirupathi?

Perhaps referring to my earlier blog about waiting in queue for seven hours and more to catch a glimpse of Lord Venkatachalapathy at the Tirupathi temple, N.S. Venkataraman, trustee, Nandini Voice For the Deprived, sent me this email today:

"Mukesh Ambani's wife, mother and Tendulkar's wife broke convention to enter the Tirupathi temple after closing time, to pray for success of Mukesh Ambani's Mumbai Indian team in the IPL final. Lord Venkatachalapathy obviously disapproved the methods of these so-called VIPs and their team was defeated. It remains to be seen how the Lord would deal with the TTDC chairman who opened the gates for these so-called VIPs, breaking the convention."

I do not know the source of Mr Venkataraman's comments. However, if it is indeed true, it only goes to show how our system works. Sad, considering that ordinary mortals desperate to pray there are more often than not treated in shabby fashion.


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