P.T. Rajan Salai - just as bad

This is the beginning of P.T. Rajan Salai, from the Anna Main Road side. The mud and bits and pieces of bricks piled up is a sign of things to come as you proceed along the road. Look how one half of the road has been butchered (second picture); so, hardly half of the road space is available for pedestrians as well as motorists. Look at the sorry state of affairs in front of HDFC Bank on the same stretch, and the amount of road-width lost due to digging work. The fourth tells you what a lovely stretch this could have been, but see the state now. And when you see the fifth, you wonder how on earth this vehicle could have got to where it is parked. Perhaps the road was dug after it was parked. Well, it will have to wait a while before it can come out.


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