Anna Main Road - where might is right

To continue with the plight of Anna Main Road in KK Nagar… look at the barricades placed on the approach stretch to MGR Nagar. This is opposite Hotel Saravana Bhavan (the first hotel of the chain in Madras). There is room for smaller vehicles to pass. Was one of the barricades moved? It is difficult to say. But certainly, it is very confusing for oncoming traffic. Here (second picture) is a lorry taking a sudden U-turn after noticing the barricades at the last minute. The Indica taxi (third picture) has almost hit a barricade, hidden as it was by the lorry in front. Drivers of the Corporation garbage pick-up truck (fourth picture) and the MTC bus (in the last) swing to the other side of the road, pushing the rest of the traffic to the edge.

These were pictures taken within the space of minutes. So, you can imagine how traffic here must be during a whole day! There are no rules here, might is indeed right, and nobody really cares even if the devil were to take the hindmost.


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