Relying on the 'power of truth'

N.S. Venkataraman is standing from the Chennai South constituency in the general elections. Tamil Nadu goes to the polls on May 13. Here is an email I received from him. Venkataraman, of course, is a skilled writer – his correspondences are almost legion. This one is short and, yes, sweet.

Several people think that in the absence of money power and muscle power, it would be impossible to win elections....but, this is the same country where principles of peace won over violence and got us our freedom from the British.

Today, as we face the problems of injustice, corruption and dishonesty, we see that its roots are in the basic inadequacies of parliamentarians, who fail to perform their duties after getting elected on party popularity.

I am contesting in the forthcoming election under the leadership of Mr. V. Kalyanam, close associate of Mahatma Gandhi and his personal secretary. I believe in the power of truth. If you want good changes in this country in the coming years, then, this is the start of a long journey.
I am a chemical engineer offering consultancy services to Indian and international companies. I have been working for over fifteen years with the deprived and differently-abled section of the society, providing various forms of support including financial support for education for poor students and running free computer schools at various centres in Tamil Nadu.

Let us join hands today. For further details please log on to or contact me at


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