A chemical enginer in the poll fray

Indeed, it is Venkataraman, chemical engineer and trustee, Nandini Voice for the Deprived, who will be standing for Kalyanam's party, from south Chennai. The party is also fielding a candidate from central Chennai. Venkataraman says he will spend not more than Rs 3.5 lakh toward publicity and other expenses. He was inspired to join the party when at a meeting in Mylapore eminent persons such as B.S. Raghavan and Vittal urged participation and action rather then only voicing opinion. They were all for him standing in the fray. Venkataraman did not disappoint.

Now, here's hoping that he will be able to communicate his party's viewpoint - clean and efficient governance - to the people of his constituency.

All the best, Mr Venkataraman. May you do well and show others the way.


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