Of boating, spices and handicraft

About 3 km south of Vythiri is the Pookot Lake, a natural fresh water lake with mountains all around. Except two of us, the rest want for boating around the lake, either pedalling on their own or preferring to be steered across the waters by boatmen. For Rs 20, or so, you can have a 20-minute ride. There weren’t too many visitors when we arrived, but towards the end a large group of school students landed up. They had to return without boating because it was 5pm - the Kerala government does not permit boating beyond that time. A drowning incident in some part of the state where several people dies had prompted this decision.

Kerala though is always proactive about promoting tourism. The government goes all out to attract the visitor. Even at the Pookot Lake, for instance, there were shops that sold spices and handicraft items. This drew almost everyone who had come for boating, and sale was brisk.

Pictures show a view of Pookot Lake, and boating enthusiasts finding time and space to make purchases.


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