Lunch in a tea estate

If it is Wayanad, can tea estates be far behind? Well, we were almost swamped by tea estates during our journey in the bus on Day 2. So, it came as a pleasant surprise when our team leader told us that he'd arranged for lunch at one of the estates. It turned out to be quite an experience really, sitting in the midst of the sprawling estates, breathing fresh air and tasting some delicious food. No cups or plates were thrown around - they were all collected and dropped in a large bag kept aside for the purpose. The only problem: a couple of women folk in our group were desperate for a toilet after lunch, but in an estate it isn't all that easy - the assistant manager's bungalow was two km away, and they didn't take any chances.

Pictures show views of tea estates, and a signboard of the tea company very close to which we had lunch.


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