A vegetable garden

Which brings me to my next piece… Of memories of old Bangalore still alive in the city’s outskirts today. I was in Rajeshwari Nagar to visit a relative. Clouds hung low, there was a nip in the air, and, yes, the occasional drizzle. My visit to the house was preceded by one to the Rajeshwari Temple after which the place is named. It was nice and quiet in the morning… there were few devotees… and taking pictures was not a problem.

The house had a lovely vegetable garden laid out in a plot of land adjacent to it. Most of the vegetables that are needed for the home are grown here. I just wondered whether this would have been possible in Chennai! My relative had employed a gardener and often bellowed instructions from the front verandah… sometimes he would walk gingerly over and be seated on a chair in the middle of the garden. Way to enjoy Nature’s bounty… and reason to thank God for a retired life!

The colourful and finely sculpted gopuram of the Rajeshwari Temple; and papayas, yam and coconut in the vegetable garden.


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