And then there are wonders!

Have heard of miracles and wonders, but seeing is believing! Was at my cousin’s in Bangalore last week. The day I arrived, she led me to her puja room and pointed to the garland that adorned the picture of Lord Guruvayurappan. The garland had doubled in length, and by the following evening had grown even longer! It seemed to be lengthening gradually all the time. The garland would be replaced with a new one after a couple of days and so forth, and each one was likely to grow longer.

Thankfully, nothing was publicised and so there were no hordes of believers making their way to her home. It happened to be the day when reports spread from another home in Bangalore of a Shirdi Sai Baba statue opening an eye. But the mysterious growth of the garlands in my cousin’s puja room had begun weeks earlier.

Notice the difference in the length of the garland in the two pictures, and I had shot them within hours.



A non-believer would have to believe, too!

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