A corner in Aranmula where time stands still

There are many places in Kerala where time stands still, well, almost. It’s a land of streams and rivers, boats and boatmen, elephants and water birds, and of course temples. Aranmula, where we usually halt on our way to Pamba, is a small dusty town which still has some old-world charms. Before the PWD guesthouse is a wonderful sight – of a gently flowing rivulet, a wizened boatman who rows passengers across the bank for as little as a rupee or two. Wonder whether he knows that the 50 paise coin will go out of circulation soon.

Pictures show views from the guesthouse (which has been done up inside), of the waters, of Nature really, and of how you can spend a day just sitting there and watching the waters flow past, against the splendid backdrop of green (trees on the banks) and blue (the open sky where seagulls and eagles fly).


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