Anna Main Road - did you say 'Singara Chennai'?

This is the bus stop at the MGR Nagar junction. All buses from the KK Nagar depot heading towards Vadapalani, Mount Road, Parry’s and T. Nagar pass by and stop here. But as you can see, there is hardly any space for an MTC bus, and MTC drivers need space as you know very well. No wonder buses on this route take the other side of the road. Look at the lovely tree shade in the background, and now you know why I said earlier that this could have been one lovely stretch of road.

So, why are these few women waiting at the bus stop (first picture)? They keep hoping that the bus will stop here and in any case they can see it coming and cross over in time to catch it. In the second and third pictures, look at how two-wheeler riders are trying to gain a foothold on the road to maintain balance even as they are elbowed out of the way by autorickshaws and cars. Judging by these pictures, most two-wheeler riders in the city do not wear helmets. And it can prove costly on this stretch. The last picture here is of a mound of earth piled high atop a median. Not only has the median taken a hard beating, several plants lie buried beneath. So, what was the point in ‘greening the median’ when all the good work accomplished has been recklessly obliterated. Remember, I mentioned proper planning?


Tiger said…
Good pics and concept

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