A welcome break in Thrissur

A break from the usual routine is an absolute must. If only we could have as many breaks as possible in a year. We have a group of relatives that has been going out on excursions at regular intervals. In less than one year now, we have had four outings, which is not bad at all – Wayanad started it all, then there was Tiruvannamalai, Yercaud and last weekend, Thrissur.

The weather in Kerala was hot and sometimes the heat can take away the charm of a trek or a walk outdoors. It was a small group that left Chennai by the Alleppey Express; others joined in from Coimbatore, Bangalore and Kerala. The occasion: the 60th birthday of one of us. There was a visit to Guruvayur as well. It was a Sunday and the temple was packed with crowds – there were several weddings - but we managed to have more than a fleeting glimpse of Lord Guruvayurappan and felt great at the end of it. Then, of course, the customary visit to the Mammiyoor Temple nearby. If only trips like these last longer! But thanks for small mercies, I guess. We were at least able to meet and spend time together.

There was also the more sobering aspect of two elderly relatives being very unwell, both with almost irreversible conditions, both who could have led more productive lives. One was in a coma, the other had his mental faculties running asunder. If only God could be kinder, you wish. After all, these are people who are so dear to you and you can’t bear to see them suffering. But then, you know there is a Supreme Being out there and whatever happens in this world of ours, we have very little control. We can only pray and hope that things will get better. We can only wish the best for others and keep praying, hoping that God will listen and be there for us.

Pictures show the way to the Athirappily waterfalls in Thrissur, a view of the waterfalls from afar, a closer view, a monkey atop a tree, and monkeys having a feast.


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