On the way to Thiruvannamalai

February this year recorded two hottest days for the month in more than 80 years. Sometimes, you dread to think what April and May would be like. However, that did not fail to enthuse us (the same group, with a couple of others joining) to make a trip to Tiruvannamalai, where the Sri Ramanasramam is. It was a two-day memorable journey and at the end of it plans were already being made of making another trip there soon.

In what turned out to be a surprise of surprises, there was fog or smog if you will, which blanketed the entire distance up to Maraimalainagar. There was a nip in the air as well. The first stop was for breakfast, not at a restaurant, but beneath a large tree, almost an alcove.

Pictures show the an old mendicant with whom we shared some food (spot the haziness in the background), a giant spider’s web up on the tree branch, and the congested approach to Tiruvannamalai town.


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