Kuruva Dweep - where time stands till

One of our last excursions was to Kuruva Dweep or Kuruva Island. The group of tiny islands is located along a tributary of the Kabini river, about 20 km from Mananthavady.
Uninhabited, the islands are spread over almost 1,000 acres of virgin forest. There is the Kabini river flowing by. It’s a different world, where time stands still. The only sounds you hear are of visitors trying to find their way, legs soaked in water and holding on tightly to each other to maintain the balance.
We saw a wild hog, some rare birds, orchids and of course huge prehistoric bamboo trees. You can only imagine how the island would be after dusk. So, everybody has to get out by 5 pm. There are boast to take you to the island if you cannot wade through water. At the entrance where the buses and vans halt, there are shops selling goodies and food and drink.
A few shots I clicked as some of us, the nervous ones, took a boat to the island, show the petty shops at the entrance, people wading through water on their return, a captivating view of Nature silhouetted against the late afternoon sky and the Kabini, getting over a bamboo bridge single-file, and a view of the island from a boat.


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