The yuletide spirit, a shade subdued

Christmas brings festivity and joy. No matter which religion you belong to, there is always a special joy attached to Christmas - the plum cakes, home-made wine, church bells pealing, charity, the midnight mass, the dances and the ball and, of course, the season itself, the best part of the year leading to the New Year.

This year, Christmas celebrations are expected to be subdued, what with the Mumbai terror attacks and the global economy in deep trouble. While returning home after work close to midnight, I did not see anything on the roads that told me it was Christmas eve. Except when I passed the Vadapalani area and there I did see men, women and children dressed in new clothes on their way to church.

After a late dinner, I set of with my camera to see if there was something I could spot. And yes, there was. A few homes had the Christmas star brighten up the exterior. One belonged to a Hindu home. And that I thought was what makes India so unique - where your neighbour's festival is as much as yours even if your religion is different from his.

Well, I have already received a couple of plum cakes from my Christian neighbours, and am looking forward to more friends dropping by tomorrow. Merry Christmas!


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