Ugly sights - shouldn't we do something about it?

There was a time when Calcutta was equated with garbage, as the dirtiest city etc. During my several visits to the city in the 1990s and 2000 onwards, I have never seen garbage pile up on Calcutta streets like they now do on Chennai's. Surat learned a lesson after the plague. Wonder when Chennai will! With the name change, the city seems to have lost its sense of cleanliness.

I was looking at some pictures sent to me by a friend who has been continuously following up with Neel Metal Fanalca, the agency that is supposed to keep parts of Chennai clean. Not only are these pictures ugly, you can see garbage in front of Padma Seshadri, KK Nagar, on pavements, an over-turned garbage bin, well...

So, is there a remedy? Those who want to do something about it, can call the Neel Metal call centre no. 18004255533 or the Corporation no. 1913. These pictures are of streets in K.K.Nagar, so if you wish to follow up and help my friend out, please call 9940636312.


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