A doctor who practises Reiki

Many rely on alternate methods of healing, such as Reiki for example. Many don’t. Those who do are convinced that these methods help overcome stress, fatigue, even illnesses that modern medicine cannot cure. I met a person from the medical fraternity last week who is a practitioner of Reiki. He has studied Reiki up to the 3rd degree and finds it often useful, as a guide in determining diseases that cannot be otherwise easily explained. What also interested me was that in his spare time, he reads religious books or listens to Pandit Ravi Shankar’s music. As a child, he had learnt the Vedas and how to conduct poojas from his grandfather.

Meet Dr. U.H.V. Prasad who is consultant general surgeon at the Vijaya Health Centre. A general physician, he conducts surgery on patients having hernia, hydrocele, appendicitis and other cases needing minor surgical intervention. Dr. Prasad specialises in urology, handles infertility cases, and conducts post-marital counselling. Significantly, he practises Reiki on all his patients.

Dr. Prasad was born in Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. His father U. Sitaramacharyulu was a licensed Indian medical practitioner (LIM) who ran a general practice in Ongole for 55 years, conducting deliveries and minor surgeries. The elder of two brothers, Prasad studied at the Ongole Municipal High School. After completing his Secondary School Certificate, he joined C.S.R. Sharma College, Ongole, for Intermediate study in botany, physics and chemistry. In 1978, he graduated in Botany. It was Sitaramacharyulu who persuaded Prasad to take up medicine.

Prasad completed his M.B.B.S at the Guntur Medical College. After internship as house surgeon, he arrived in Madras in 1986 to work at the Vijaya Hospital as resident medical officer under Dr. M.R. Reddy, now a senior general surgeon. Two years later, he joined the urology department and worked under Dr Chinnaswamy (1988-92). Taking a break, Dr. Prasad joined the Gulbarga Medical College to study for M.S. (general surgery). To meet his financial needs, he worked there as well. In August 1995, he was back at Vijaya, as DNB (Diploma in National Borad) urology trainee.

Dr. Prasad practises at Room No. 7, Vijaya Health Centre, 180 N.S.K. Salai, Vadapalani, on all days except Sundays between 9 am and 2 pm (Ph: 98401 87111).


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